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   21-08-2019 UK tech firms secure record amount of foreign investment
   21-08-2019 Police thwarted six mass shootings and white supremacist attacks since El Paso
   21-08-2019 Greene King sale isn’t one for pubgoers to drink to
   21-08-2019 Civilisation review – an audacious study of everyday heartbreak
   21-08-2019 Two tigers seized from traffickers every week, report finds
   21-08-2019 Nurses in Wales leaving job due to stress, report says
   21-08-2019 Poorer pupils twice as likely to fail key GCSEs
   21-08-2019 Practice does not always make perfect, finds study of violinists
   21-08-2019 Homeless children put up in shipping containers, report says
   21-08-2019 Cardinal George Pell loses appeal on child sexual assault conviction – live
   20-08-2019 British trophy-hunters legally killed 500 African monkeys and baboons in 30 years
   20-08-2019 Three migrant children die of flu in detention with US authorities refusing to give vaccines, as reports of child molesting emerge
   20-08-2019 Tasers must be funded for frontline police officers after violent attacks, government told
   20-08-2019 Tory mayoral candidate criticised after it emerged he said increasing police numbers 'useless' in deterring criminals
   20-08-2019 California water polo team gives Hitler salute and sings Nazi anthem in video
   20-08-2019 Trump vows to continue China trade war even if recession hits US, as he says Russia should be readmitted to G7
   20-08-2019 Higher oxygen levels helped dinosaurs to thrive and spread, experts find
   20-08-2019 Scores evacuated from east London tower block after man barricades himself in flat and 'threatens to burn the building down'
   20-08-2019 Air pollution linked to mental health issues, research suggests
   20-08-2019 Man charged after botched castration attempt at his Florida home
   21-08-2019 New Spider-Man movie boycotted by furious fans after Sony removes Marvel favourite from MCU
   21-08-2019 Bosses at Britain’s biggest firms are still earning 117 times more than the average worker despite pay reduction
   21-08-2019 ‘Storm Area 51’ emergency as officials predict up to 40,000 will gather and warn clash with military ‘will get ugly’
   21-08-2019 Teachers ‘LAUGHED as they coloured in pupil’s haircut with permanent marker’
   21-08-2019 Man who stabbed partner 86 times jailed for 21 years despite claims it was ‘depression’ that made him do it
   21-08-2019 Paedo Cardinal George Pell condemned to six years in prison after losing appeal against child sex abuse convictions
   21-08-2019 Ryanair strikes – Brits braced for Bank Holiday travel hell as pilot walkout is set to hit 250,000 passengers
   21-08-2019 Woman dies and two suffer miscarriages as 100 people are struck down in Spain’s biggest outbreak of listeria
   21-08-2019 Boris Johnson wants temporary arrangement with Ireland that guarantees no hard border
   21-08-2019 Elton John’s Harry & Meghan carbon-footprint fixer has blasted other jetsetting celebs for their flight habits
   21-08-2019 Asteroid horror: NASA panic as freak DOUBLE asteroid Didymos hurtles towards Earth
   21-08-2019 Bible prophecy fulfilled? Sea of Galilee earthquakes 'signal Jesus Christ's Second Coming'
   21-08-2019 Rees-Mogg takes sly dig at Tusk's tweet on Brexit – 'People don't necessarily get nuance'
   21-08-2019 'Brexiteers are fed up!' David Attenborough blasts EU 'interfering' in extraordinary rant
   21-08-2019 Kate Hoey demands Boris ‘not to waste more time in talks with EU’ after Brexit deal snub
   21-08-2019 Zara Tindall bombshell: Zara's royal protocol reveal - 'I wouldn't have a leg to stand on'
   21-08-2019 Finally walking away from EU! Boris pulls UK officials from EU meetings as Brexit begins
   21-08-2019 Royal news: How you can see inside Buckingham Palace's most decadent rooms
   21-08-2019 Boris outrage: Shock as PM’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds BARRED from the US for visa refusal
   21-08-2019 Brexit fury: BBC bias claims after it says pro-Leave parties lost EU elections in graphic
   21-08-2019 Scientists develop a blood test which can predict whether you will die in the next 10 years
   21-08-2019 Former Kew Gardens gatekeeper, 74, threatened with jail after taking neighbour's shears
   21-08-2019 Twitter meltdown over John Barnes interview 'in bed'
   21-08-2019 Phoebe Waller-Bridge drives West End wild in farewell show, writes JAN MOIR
   21-08-2019 Crazy cat lady stereotype is false according to study by University of California
   21-08-2019 Cardinal George Pell to remain behind bars for sexually abusing two choirboys
   21-08-2019 Stars salve their eco-conscience by sending money to 'carbon offset' firms - is it a load of hot air
   21-08-2019 Great White sharks are terrorising the US' eastern seaboard
   21-08-2019 Teenage father, 19, scoops £10,000-a-month for a whole YEAR on first go at Lotto draw
   21-08-2019 New study suggests we're happier after our children leave home, but not everyone agrees 

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