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   21-02-2020 Brazil sends armed forces to north-east to quell violence from police strike
   21-02-2020 Three Russian men charged with poisoning Bulgarian arms dealer
   21-02-2020 Does showbiz press have Caroline Flack's 'blood on its hands'?
   21-02-2020 Revealed: how teachers could unwittingly trigger counter-terror inquiries
   21-02-2020 Wildland review – Danish crime drama with the makings of a big hit
   21-02-2020 Marni blends old and new fabrics looking for beauty in leftovers
   21-02-2020 UK weather: weekend rain could cause further flooding
   21-02-2020 Ferrari ask FIA for ruling on new steering in Mercedes F1 cars
   21-02-2020 Go to Hell: town offers free weddings but anniversaries will be a problem
   21-02-2020 Harsh spotlight on Frank Lampard as Chelsea honeymoon period fades
   21-02-2020 Coronavirus: Time running out to stop global spread of epidemic, warns World Health Organisation
   21-02-2020 African fish may hold key to stopping ageing in humans
   21-02-2020 Trump India visit: Anti-Muslim citizenship law and stalled trade deal to headline trip
   21-02-2020 Three charged after 11-year-old gives birth in bathtub
   21-02-2020 Amazon fails to remove 'vile, racist' Nazi propaganda books from sale
   21-02-2020 Conservative university lifts ban on same-sex couples so long as they are 'chaste'
   21-02-2020 US and Taliban reach 'understanding' to reduce violence, Pompeo says
   21-02-2020 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using 'Sussex Royal' brand
   21-02-2020 Harvey Weinstein jury deadlocked on key charges
   21-02-2020 Trump 'eats burned steak' and 'cheats at golf', new Bloomberg-funded billboard says
   21-02-2020 Coronavirus LIVE updates: Brits WON’T board evacuation flight today as government delays departure
   21-02-2020 Who is Roger Stone’s wife Nydia Bertran?
   21-02-2020 Is New York’s filthy subway the perfect breeding ground for coronavirus?
   21-02-2020 Tyson Fury’s bizarre training includes masturbating seven times a day, and soaking hands in petrol before Wilder fight
   21-02-2020 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using ‘SussexRoyal’ brand after Queen ban
   21-02-2020 Russian man claims he SAWED OFF his own leg while high on ‘zombie drug’ spice…but is it real?
   21-02-2020 Wheel of Fortune fans slam contestants for guessing rarely-used ‘Q’ and losing luxury trip
   21-02-2020 Mom, 23, ‘gave her malnourished baby to a drug dealer as collateral for a debt’
   21-02-2020 Emmerdale’s twisted Pierce hints he will KILL Vanessa after forcing her to get Rhona to take him back
   21-02-2020 Last Tango In Halifax series 4 recap – here’s what happened at the end of the last season
   21-02-2020 Prince Charles visits families whose lives have been devastated by floods
   21-02-2020 EU shock: How von der Leyen was tipped to replace Merkel as German Chancellor
   21-02-2020 Prince Andrew shamed outside Buckingham Palace by US bus advert urging him to call FBI
   21-02-2020 Princess Charlotte snub: Canada's bid to 'block royal becoming Queen' exposed
   21-02-2020 Sainsbury’s evacuation: Epsom superstore 'evacuated' due to 'incident' – Police on scene
   21-02-2020 UK snow forecast: Britons bracing for ONSLAUGHT of snow as charts show 19 inches to hit
   21-02-2020 Meghan Markle and Harry BACK DOWN on Sussex Royal brand – trademark application withdrawn
   21-02-2020 No deal! EU leaders FAIL to agree on trillion euro spending plans after 28 hours of talks
   21-02-2020 Merkel's EU masterplan: How German Chancellor confessed bloc WILL be federalised
   21-02-2020 UK weather warning: Atlantic cold snap to unleash horror snow storms this weekend - maps
   21-02-2020 One of Damilola Taylor's killers is jailed for four years for dangerous driving
   21-02-2020 Prince Charles appears in high spirits as he celebrates opening of train factory in Newport
   21-02-2020 Satellite images reveal that 20 per cent of snow cover on an Antarctic island MELTED in just 10 days
   21-02-2020 Harvey Weinstein's jury start day four of deliberations
   21-02-2020 Prince Charles visits flood-hit communities in South Wales
   21-02-2020 More than a QUARTER of the world's oceans need protecting urgently
   21-02-2020 How Cilla Black was the first to sing Big Spender - a year before Shirley took it and made it a hit 
   21-02-2020 Freeze fuel duty or face a backlash, Chancellor is warned
   21-02-2020 Bad diets to blame for plummeting sperm counts: Men who eat junk food have 25% fewer swimmers
   21-02-2020 Inside Lewis Capaldi's parents' home: where singer still lives

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